To simplify rewarding system
& make it more engaging.

Everyone loves to be rewarded. But in today's world, rewards and points have become a mess and hassle for consumers to understand. With Stivouch we believe rewarding your customers will become much more manageable and also will be

Stivouch came into Existence with an idea to make the Voucher systems digital and to save Tax as well. But after getting deeper into the market we got to know that people are not happy to just save their hard earned money but also want to earn more of that.

So with an Idea of helping people earn more just while doing the same thing they are doing on a daily basis we a Team Of four Engineers came up with Stivouch – a new way to earn Points and Loyalty Rewards by Visiting your Favourite Eatery, Having a Hair cut at your Favourite Salon, Buying clothes from your local shops and the list Continues…

Who are we, Four Graduates who know how to do Jugaad, coz the only thing they have learnt in Engineering, and want to share it with the World now. And as a result ‘In Technical Language’ We are here with One Goal of making an effort to actually release the Pressure that an Individual is facing with Zero Expenditure


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