for Corporates

Reward to Channel Partners

Partnership is important factor is growth in business. To reward your channel partner to keep them happy and growing your business.

Employee Benefit Program

Salary is not enough sometimes. Reward your employees with some benefit program, which will help your business grow and make your employees happy.

Hassle Free Operation

90% of operation time saved with our one click distribution process. We at Stivouch strive hard to provide you a hassle free solution for running your business.

Highly Secured Platform

Make your employees belief that the platform they are in is highly secured. Set your own pin and let them have track of their usage.

Incentive Rewards

Encouragement is very important in any field. Incentive helps an employee to work harder with positive attitude and motivates them.

Integrated HR

Even we have our own HR department and we know how hard it is to keep track of all process. So we have made it easier to monitor the distribution and usage of Food voucher.

Revenue Enhancement

Increasing of taxes and deduction from salary, makes employees depress. While deducting the amount, give something in return whereas we will help you to do so.

Send a Request

Trial is always better option. Why not give a try and understand our work. We will also be happy to make your business flourish and your employees smile.


Our employee benefit program is totally based on real time values and immediate response. We are just a call away.