for Customer

Digital Vouchers

The Food voucher feature is integrated within the Stivouch app and allows the employees to use it at wide range of merchants. Easy to carry and easy to use.

Earn and Redeem

Earning on every visit to all our affiliated merchants and redeem the points whenever and wherever you wish.

Earn Loyalty at every Shop

Earning rewards points at ever local shop and keep a track of its usage is where we come in picture. We believe in making you earn for every spend you make and for your loyalty.

Watch and win!

Winning is fun! Right? So explore your nearby areas and what they offer. Show your loyalty and win Reward point each time. Earn from local shops and use them at local shops. Easy isn’t it?

Being digital

The biggest problem of paper voucher getting lost and not handled at ever store. So we help you to keep a track on your voucher and reward point by being digital.

Easy to use

300 million worth of gift vouchers are wasted or unspent due to short validity. So you don't have to worry about the validity of coupons and the vouchers. All you have to is have fun.

Explore local offers

Exploring which shop in your area is giving more offer so that you can save fullest is or motto.

Longer validity

We are no less than gold. Now the same forever the same. You don't have to hurriedly use the coupons and the vouchers. They are valid for a long timing.

Wide Acceptance

We at stivouch strive hard to make our customer happy. We try our best so that our points are accepted a wide range of variety and places.