For Customers:
Stivouch is a secure and advance form of your personalize rewarding platform where you can earn rewards at local merchant on your every visit.
Stivouch offers its customers daily rewards from their local shops and several other benefits. These rewards are exclusive in nature and serve the customers that are linked with stivouch domain.
Stivouch can be used at your nearby, regular shopping stop, restaurant, coffee shop, general merchant , medical store and other utility stores. Stivouch can also be used to redeem their rewards point to buy digital coupons.
These are the points only used to buy digital coupons which you will earn from exploring local merchants, viewing offers, responding to the surveys etc.
Minimum one points can be used for transaction.
You can do so by clicking onto wallet button on the top right to check balance for all your points i.e. food voucher, reward point, stipoints.
a. Earn while exploring new places and new offers i.e. watching videos and images
b. Get all rewards points from different local merchant at one place
c. transfer your points to your friends and family,
d. suggest your favorite merchant to achieve large merchant base,
e. you can also make quick transfer of points
Meal points : These can be used at any food joint and they can be used in several small amount or few accumulated amounts or even a once, based on your allocated limit.
Reward points : These can be used at any nearby merchant store or food joint etc.
Stipoints : These can help you earn points which eventually lead to discounts or nice deals in your further purchase
For Merchants:
Stivouch is a digital platform for your business through which being a merchant you can not only create a strong and repetitive customer base but can expands it and it will earn him with a smart loyalty reward distribution.
Stivouch provides various services like customer engagement program, producing and distribution of coupons(offline and online), advertisement campaign for local merchants which helps merchants in expanding their horizon encompassing both employed as well as non-employed customer base. For example housewives, students, senior citizens etc.
We provide the merchant with their own dashboard and application to monitor their transaction and customer flow. At stivouch we help merchants to run their own advertisement campaign locally as well as globally, all images, banners and videos are done by us.
With us merchants can also reward their customer for viewing their advertisement and utilize that reward points at your store in future.
Merchants can also produce their own coupons to distribute locally.
Main merchant admin will have merchant dash board from Stivouch to monitor all the transaction from it store. They can view all their advertisement campaign, can reward customer based on their birthdays and other seasonal offers and also for the ripening of the loyalty points.
It is required to have your own mobile data, wifi and smartphone.
For Corporates:
We are emerging names in the field of providing high end Tax compliance for the companies that issue digital meal cards to its employees. For Employee benefits Program Stivouch has launched its digital solution that focus on aiding in the transition of tax benefits.
We at Stivouch provides your employees with great deal and offers locally covering various sectors like wellness, beauty, restaurant, travel, services, etc.
You just have to drop us a mail at info@stivouch.com
These Stivouch meal vouchers can be used in office cafeterias or in eating joints .
Apart from these tax benefits, we will also be offering the HR with his/her own dashboard, plus to that a gift voucher or employee encouragement reward will also be offered by us. It also offers with flexibility and employee perks. In order to know more contact us at info@stivouch.com.