Reward Points
which make difference.

Stivouch gives it's user a whole new user experience along with diversified way of using reward points without any limit on redemption. Stivouch also aims to simplify corporate gifting solutions.

  • Spend
  •   Earn
  • Redeem

A new way to SAVE and EARN rewards at local shops

Often visit a place to eat, to shop, to buy clothes, to cut your hair. Like the place! So you recommend it to your friends too?

Ever wondered if you would get rewards for doing the same that you have been doing for years. You just might have saved a lot of money. Isn't it?

Guess what Stivouch brings you the same spirit to the stores, Clinics, Salon, Eateries near you. Now, EAT, SHOP, BUY and recommend it to your friends. Spend and Earn at the same time at our affiliated brands.

How it works?

Earn Redeem

  • Spend & Earn
  • Discover outlets near you, buy your favorite products and services available and earn reward points on every transaction. Each point is equivalent to 1₹ off.

  • Play & Earn
  • Now with Stivouch Playing is Paying! Play Simple Quiz, Answer simple question and Earn Stipoints.

  • Participate & Earn
  • Give and Get! Participate in our Campaigns and Social activities to Earn reward points.

  • Redeem at affiliated partner
  • You can redeem reward points at any of our affiliated merchants and earn more reward points out of it every time. No minimum redemption limit.

  • Buy Vouchers & Gift Cards
  • Use your Stipoints to buy digital Vouchers, Coupons and Gift Cards across multiple brands.



Explore your local outlets with Stivouch. Earn reward points from wide range of stivouch affiliated merchants.

Easy To Use

Redeem your points at one click, where 1 point equals to ₹1 off.

Longer Validity

No expiry date. Your earned points are valuable, you can redeem them anytime you wish.

Earn more points

Many ways to earn; Play Quiz, Participate in our campaigns, Give feedbacks and earn points.

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Reward & Retain

Everyone loves to be Rewarded. Reward your valuable customers on every visit to retain them.

Personalized Campaign

Have new offers coming up ? Let us know, and we shall help you reach out to maximum users with your own customized campaign.


Make use of your data. Engage your customers by sending them occasional emails from our dashboard.


Know what your customers feels about your brand and hear their needs.

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